Petrograd’s Power Players:The Russian Provisional Government of 1917

Francis is a UNLV MUN alumnus who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Prior to graduating, he had the pleasure of being in MUN since 2020. From the thrill of debate to the joys of cultural exchange, MUN has helped Francis expand and enhance his worldview. Francis competed in GA, Specialized Bodies, and Crisis Committees during his four years in MUN, which were highlights of his college career!

Julian joined UNLVMUN at the start of last semester and has participated in every conference trip since then, but has been doing MUN since his Junior year of high school and even got the opportunity to take part in NVMUN’s Crisis Committee in 2023. He loves MUN Crisis Committees so much that they’ve been the only types of committees he’s participated in. The intrigue and background elements make them much more challenging but just as fun. Julian is excited to see you all at NVMUN 2024!