Executive Board

Sandy has been participating in MUN since she was a freshman in high school, and has developed such a strong passion for all things geopolitics and international affairs. She is majoring in Computer Science, but loves to stay updated on world news and participate in activities that surround public speaking and debating.

Isabella is a third-year Psychology major with a minor in Neuroscience. She was first introduced to MUN as a freshman in high school at West CTA and has been involved in the Southern Nevada circuit ever since! In her free time, she loves creative writing, listening to audiobooks, and learning all about ancient civilizations and mythology.

Alejandro started participating in MUN in his freshman year of high school in 2017. International relations and politics have always been an interest of his so he fits right in to the MUN community. Other hobbies of his include soccer and video games. Alejandro can’t wait to welcome delegates to NVMUN this spring!

Izzy loves her MUN family and all of the fun they have together both on campus and at conferences. Though she is a gringa, Izzy has been speaking Spanish for a decade and enjoys learning anything and everything about Latin America. When she isn’t wearing her Western business attire for conferences, you can find her in a leo and tights at the barre.

Jazmyn is a first-year Political Science major at UNLV. She loves MUN because of what you can learn about the world from each committee. She also loves working on communication and public speaking, which is always fun!

Julian joined UNLVMUN at the start of last semester and has participated in every conference trip since then, but has been doing MUN since his Junior year of high school and even got the opportunity to take part in NVMUN’s Crisis Committee in 2023. He loves MUN Crisis Committees so much that they’ve been the only types of committees he’s participated in. The intrigue and background elements make them much more challenging but just as fun. Julian is excited to see you all at NVMUN 2024!

Francis is a UNLV MUN alumnus who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Prior to graduating, he had the pleasure of being in MUN since 2020. From the thrill of debate to the joys of cultural exchange, MUN has helped Francis expand and enhance his worldview. Francis competed in GA, Specialized Bodies, and Crisis Committees during his four years in MUN, which were highlights of his college career!

Brandon is a first year at UNLV majoring in Criminal Justice with a focus on pre-law. This is his first year participating in Model UN, which is something that he’s always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to until now. He can’t wait to engage with delegates and explore all potential solutions to whatever issues may arise during debate!